Fight of faith is firmly maintaining your position and location which is IN CHRIST inspite of long standing religious traditions of men trying to pull you out. As believers IN CHRIST, from where we are is from where we praise. A fantastic Christocentric song for the edification of the saints. A Dunack Music Production Powered by the Message Gospel Music platform.




From where we are
All: Come let us all together sing praise to Jesus with one heart
For he is good so good
From where we are come let us all our lift our hands and shout and rejoice and be glad for he is good so good

Let’s proclaim the name that remains the same
yesterday today and never change
Jesus unto whom we sing
He’s the Lord of Lords
And king of kings

Repeat verse

Instrumental interlude (Oh oh)
The sweetest song

Jesus oh Jesus

The wisdom of God
The word and the revealer of God


Expression of Gods love
Expression if Gods power

Jesus (bvs inververted)

The Justifier the sanctifier

Oh oh Jesus

The purifyer, perfecter and accepter


Anointed, anointing, anointer oh oh

Oh oh Jesus

The fullness and fulfilment of all things

Jesus (bvs inverted)

Express image of God and the imprint of God

Oh oh Jesus


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